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About Us | Our Mantra for Success

ABC Photosigns sets the standard Which others aim to emulate.

It’s easy really – you told us how!

We constantly ask you, the achievers in your market, what you want, what we can alter or improve for you as your supplier and how we as a team can grow your market.

You told ABC Group that you wanted us to produce a specific level of product excellence.

You wanted the highest level of photographic reproduction and UV life - you hated billboards that fade in the sun, and you needed the billboard in a smartly painted wooden frame, erected straight and level. You wanted them to look professional and to be “bulletproof ”.

ABC billboards are made from colour steel and placed in painted timber frames. The print process uses the best digital print methods available, colour the way nature intended it to be, and Yes it will not fade, in fact it’s guaranteed for a minimum of 3 to 5 years as UV fast. We team up with the market leaders in print, BUT more importantly the leaders in backup and service.

You wanted the highest level of service, the choice of old style manual or new fast yet simple electronic ordering, electronic colour proofing (sorry the fax is broken and we can't find anyone who can fix it). You wanted Installation and removal of your Billboard. ABC Photosigns gave you all of that, and with the expectations of superior print quality and billboard replacement, the market has only started to copy our initiatives.

We love to be copied, we look to set the standards, this grows your market, it gives you greater product acceptance and vendor investment opportunities, (7 out of 10) - so, long may the opposition copy us!

We lead the market with print quality AND we are the only Billboard Company in the market that has given you the ABC residential listing guarantee - repair or replace any damage to your billboard at no cost during the term of your sale - no matter what.

Yes you did ask for that, and yes, most of you were surprised that ABC Photosigns could factor in the replacement benefit for you, and yet lead the market in competitive Quality and Service.

What you considered to be the most important service aspects, peace of mind repair or replacement, AND your billboard at a known price, is without doubt one of the most powerful tools your agent possesses. When presenting a vendor with a marketing programme, with guaranteed TOP quality 24hour 7 day billboard signage throughout the duration of the sale process, who can refuse to invest? What’s left to object to?

Vendor acceptance and agent confidence has never been so high, backed by ABC Photosigns professional no-nonsense, “Can do, will fix it” attitude.

You also asked for “one stop shop” add on products such as window cards (all sizes) and for brochures, flyers, postcards and trump cards. We have them all, at a most competitive special Real Estate industry value.

ABC Photosigns are constantly working on improving products and services. We are market leaders in the processing of your PDF or EPS artwork for printing. We are currently working with several media suppliers on the interchange of electronic data for the real estate industry. We were first to develop real time on-line ordering, job monitoring and proofing. So from anywhere in the world 24/7 you can control your billboard management process online, you don’t need to tie yourself down, or wait for proofs, just log online anywhere and control your order process. From start right through to maintenance and removal. You can view invoicing and make payments online, or trace historic details relating to all billboards ordered through ABC Group.

ABC Sustainability leads campaigns that promote real solutions to some of the challenges faced by society. We challenge the notion that the way things are is the way things should always be, and are proud to be a force for positive transformation.

About Us: About Us
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