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1. Is Your Frame Made of Wood?

2. Is Your Ink Water Based?

3. Is Your Image Placed on Metal?

4. Is Your Sign Removed and Recycled Once Your Campaign is Completed?

If YOU answered YES to all of the above, then your sign is as Recyclable as ABC Photosigns can deliver. You are Helping us help the environment.

Marketing Material

1. Is The Paper Stock From A FSC or PEFC Certified Supplier?

2. Is The Ink Used Water Based?

3. Is Any Plastic Used Recyclable?

ABC Photosigns only use FSC and PEFC certified paper stock and our inks are the best environmental inks available on the market today.

Sustainability Highlights

  • Our recycling efforts include all paper, cardboard and a variety of plastics including coreflute used within our operation.

  • We offer the most environmentally responsible substrate options in the marketplace including 3rd-party certified papers, boards and wall coverings. We prioritise media with recycled content and those which are fully recyclable.

  • We suggest sizes that optimise media use and reduce waste.

  • We use UV curing inks, which do not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

  • We invest in green technology, such as HP Latex ink printers


Ask how we can help ensure your project has the lightest environmental footprint possible and achieve our goal of sustainable printing.

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