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Let's Make a Difference

ABC Group delivers hundreds of packages everyday all over New Zealand

For some companies that involves a lot of Un-Recyclable Bubble Wrap accompanied with metres of Sellotape. 


Our brief when designing Packaging for your precious Marketing Material was:

  • No more Sellotape

  • No More Bubble Wrap unless it's too fragile

  • Use Recycled products where possible

  • The end product should be 100% Recyclable

  • We produce Everything In-House, even the box!

It took a little bit of trail and error but we came up with a set of boxes that:

Use 36% base recycled material | any more and it would not have had the strength needed.

Uses no sellotape at all to secure it for delivery. We are sneaky and use the required courier label. 

Uses water based inks that have Green Gold Certification.

Uses plastic shrink-wrap that is 100% Recyclable and the Box itself is 100% Recyclable in your Local Council recycling bin.

What's in the Box
Case Study Box: Welcome
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